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So-it was too short, so I added another scene...it's actually quite long, but I believe it to be quite good. So...read away!

Scene 5

Without skipping a beat the set turns so the audience never loses focus off of MATTHEW. MATTHEW closes the door and leans against it.
MATTHEW: Shit. I am so screwed. {MATTHEW propels himself off the door and keeps walking. Unknown to him SARAH has entered the stage and is walking right behind him} She thinks I’m wonderful.
SARAH: Guilty as charged.
{MATTHEW turns around}
MATTHEW: Sarah? What are you doing here?
SARAH: Oh, I have a little warning for you: my sister is dying and she’s going to be gracing this hospital with her prescence. She’s got brain cancer, so she’ll be in your care. She’s a total bitch, but humor me and be nice to her, okay?
{MATTHEW begins walking}
MATTHEW: I’m sure she’s not that bad.
SARAH: You don’t know her. Trust me.
MATTHEW: Fine-no problem, I’ll be nice to her.
SARAH: Good-and don’t worry, I’ll be around 24/7.
{MATTHEW stops walking}
MATTHEW: Is that really neccesary Sarah? I’m a grown man and an experienced nurse. I’ve delt with people far worse then Kelli could ever be, trust me.
SARAH: {dejected] Silly me, I thought you’d want me along.
MATTHEW: {realizing his mistake} No-of course I want you along, but I feel that you’re doing this all on my account. I know that you don’t like your sister, so why would you want to be around her all the time?
SARAH: My father is making me come visit her. I probably wouldn’t have agreed if it wasn’t for you. I figure, I can make it look like I’m being a good sister while really spending most of my time with you.
MATTHEW: You can’t spend most of your time with me Sarah.
SARAH: {growing angry} Why not? You got somebody else? A patient?
MATTHEW: {turns to walk in the direction SARAH came from}
MATTHEW: No. You can’t spend most of your time with me Sarah because while I’m at this hopsital I work. You won’t be allowed to come with me while I work, it would be dangerous and uncomfortable for you. I do shit that you wouldn’t care for.
SARAH: {running to catch up with him} Like what?
MATTHEW: {doesn’t wait up for her} Don’t be so naiive, you know exactly what I’m talking about. {grows angry and turns around to face her} It’s not like you’ve never been to a hospital or at least never watched a doctor show.
SARAH: I’m just trying to be thoughtful.
MATTHEW: Well, stop it.
SARAH: What has gotten into you?
MATTHEW: I’m really busy right now Sarah, that’s it.
{moves closer to her}
SARAH: You swear?
{They kiss}
MATTHEW: Yeah, I swear.
{They kiss again}
MATTHEW: I gotta go, okay? I’ll call you later.
SARAH: Okay.
{SARAH walks back the way she entered the hospital, but it is obvious that something is troubling her. MATTHEW disapears into a room. KELLI timidly reveals herself from behind the door to the waiting room}
KELLI: {in disbelief} He likes me. {shakes it off} No, no he doesn’t. He blew her off like that because he’ll have to work. That’s gotta be it. {KELLI begins to walk toward the exit, but suddenly stops} But what if he did like me? I hate Sarah, but I can’t-but it won’t come to that. It won’t. My brain is just playing tricks on me {KELLI continues to walk offstage} I’m making all this nonscence up. Yeah. {KELLI exists the stage}

The scene shifts to GAVIN’s apartment. He is pacing up and down on the phone looking worried. The special on him is dim. We should be able to hear him like he’s faraway and barely be able to make out his shape.

GAVIN: Fuck. God, where is she? Yeah, hi Kelli-it’s me, Gavin again. I’m getting kind of worried because you’re not picking up your phone. I said that I’d call you later…and I got some time before the party starts so I thought I’d check up on you. You seemed sort of stressed last time we talked, and I realize I didn’t even ask why. I assumed that I knew, but you know me right? I have bad instincts. I’m worried about you Kell, I really am. And I feel so shitty about-look, just do me a favor and call me the instant you get this…even if it’s during the party or at 5am or anything. Okay-I love you, bye.

The special on GAVIN goes out and simultaneously the lights rise on RAUL’S bedroom. These lights are normal, we should be able to see him clearly.

RAUL: Are you almost done in there? I really need to talk to you.
JOANNA: {offstage} Yes dear, I’m almost done. I just have to blowdry my hair.
RAUL: Can’t you do that later?
{A sigh is heard from JOANNA}
JOANNA: I’ll be out in a moment dear.
RAUL: I don’t think I’ve ever felt more worried about something in my life.
{JOANNA opens the door and sits on the bed, right next ro RAUL}
RAUL: My daughter’s dying.
JOANNA: I know.
RAUL: It’s easy for you to be calm, she’s coming to you.
JOANNA: Don’t talk like that-
{RAUL turns to face her}
RAUL: But it’s true.
JOANNA: Death isn’t so bad.
{RAUL stands up}
RAUL: I don’t think you’re really qualified to make that assumption.
JOANNA: And why not? Didn’t I die?
{RAUL begins to walk}
RAUL: Yes, but you chose to.
{JOANNA shifts her position}
JOANNA: It still hurt. Do you think it was easy leaving you all behind?
{RAUL turns to face her}
RAUL: You didn’t have to do it.
{JOANNA gets up and leads him back to the bed}
JOANNA: We’ve been through this already. I was drowning and I couldn’t be saved. Admitting my need to relax and be comforted would have been undermining everything my life had stood for. It would have meant that I was living a lie. Everything would have changed.
{RAUL starts to get up}
RAUL: {bitter} Everything did change.
{JOANNA gently pulls him down until he stops resisting and gives in}
JOANNA: No matter what I did everything would change. This way was better, for me. And that’s what it was all about. Me. For once I was only thinking of myself, and not of others. I needed to do that, and you know it.
RAUL: {softly} I know.
JOANNA: {equally softly} This isn’t why you called me, is it?
RAUL: No. I’m worried about Kelli. Why didn’t she tell me that she was dying earlier?
JOANNA: {soothing} You know she was only doing what she thought was best. She didn’t want to worry you. For all she knew, a miracle could have occurred and she would have stopped being sick.
RAUL: How could that ever be if she refuses to take medicine? She’s going to die. Nothing I can do about it.
{RAUL begins to cry}
JOANNA: No, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t cure her Raul, just like you couldn’t cure me.
RAUL: What am I supposed to do then?
{RAUL begins choking on his tears}
{They embrace}
JOANNA: Everything is going to be alright.
RAUL: {loudly} No it won’t be. My daughter is going to die, that’s not alright.
JOANNA: She’ll be happy once she’s dead, she won’t have to suffer anymore.
RAUL: What is life without suffering? It’s nothing. Life is defined by suffering. You either deal with it, or you don’t. She’s suffering so much-just put her on medication.
JOANNA: You can’t be serious.
RAUL: {angry tears} I don’t know what I think anymore. I’m upset and…so worried. And there’s not a thing that I can do. Not a single thing.

SARAH appears with a dim special on her. She is talking on a payphone.

SARAH: Yeah-hi Kelli, this is Sarah. You’re not in right now and this is the only number that I know to call, so um…I’m sorry that we haven’t been talking or anything. I know that ever since mom died we haven’t seen eye to eye about anything, and I’m sorry for being such a pain in the ass. You’ve been a pain in my ass, but-look, I know you’re dying. I won’t lie, but I’m pretty upset that you never told me. I had to find out from dad. He’s pretty upset too by the way. He told me you’re not taking medication, and I have to tell you that I think you’re really stupid. I know that’s not what you need to hear right now, but I can’t help it. Medicine is important. Tons of people spend their lives working with medicine and improving it so that it can help people like you. I don’t give a shit about whether you live or not-I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re really stupid and…I’ll visit. {pause} Bye. {almost hangs up the phone} Don’t bother to call back, it’s not important.

The scene shifts to MATTHEW’S apartment. MATTHEW is cooking while KELLI is sitting on the couch}

KELLI: So, did you always want to be a nurse?
KELLI: I mean, it’s kind of unusual for a guy to be a nurse.
MATTHEW: Well, I don’t see why it should be. If women expect to be taken seriously as doctors, I don’t see why men can’t expect the same in nursing positions.
KELLI: But you’re straight.
MATTHEW: I don’t think what kind of job a person takes has anything to do with their sexual preferences.
KELLI: It’s just a little hard to get used to, that’s all.
{small awkward pause}
MATTHEW: And what do you do?
KELLI: I’m a teacher.
MATTHEW: And what do you teach?
KELLI: Philosophy.
MATTHEW: That’s funny, because I always picture philosophy teachers as being really old men.
{they both laugh}
KELLI: Well, most of them are to tell you the truth.
MATTHEW: Do they hit on you?
MATTHEW: I’m surprised to hear that.
KELLI: You are?
{KELLI walks over to the kitchen}
MATTHEW: Yeah I mean a beautiful, witty, and smart girl…you’d thin they’d be falling over themselves to make passes.
KELLI: Well they don’t.
MATTHEW: Alright then. What are you doing here? Go back down to the couch and sit down.
KELLI: But you’re all the way over here, it’s hard to maintain a good conversation.
{MATTHEW smiles}
MATTHEW: Well-you’re in luck. I’m almost done the hard part.
KELLI: Who knew making macaroni and cheese could be described as hard.
MATTHEW: I don’t use the kind that comes in boxes.
{KELLI picks up a box}
KELLI: Is that so?
MATTHEW: Yeah, well I add things. Extra cheese, spices, that kinda stuff. You see-I’m not as simple as you see.
KELLI: Yeah, I’ve noticed that.
MATTHEW: {as he puts the macaroni to cook} So, how long you been sick?
KELLI: Do we have to talk about this?
MATTHEW: I guess we don’t have to, no. What do you want to talk about?
MATTHEW: No, I’m boring.
KELLI: You don’t really think that. You know you’re fascinating.
MATTHEW: {as he sets the timer on the oven} Come on, let’s go pick out a movie to watch.
{MATTHEW walks toward the TV while KELLI remains frozen}
KELLI: I don’t feel like watching a movie.
{MATTHEW turns around and finds his way into a chair}
MATTHEW: Well, what do you feel like doing?
{A mischevious smile breaks out on KELLI’S face}
MATTHEW: Anything that requires a smile like that, I’m sure you can’t do…or at least I don’t have it.
{KELLI sits next to MATTHEW}
KELLI: What did you think I was going to suggest?
{MATTHEW tries to move away a bit}
MATTHEW: Um…well, something with drugs or booze.
KELLI: You don’t have beer?
MATTHEW: You shouldn’t be having beer.
{KELLI stands up}
KELLI: Who are you to tell me what to do?
MATTHEW: {firmly} A registered nurse.
{KELLI sits back down}
KELLI: Right. I keep forgetting that.
MATTHEW: How can you forget that?
KELLI: {moves closer to MATTHEW} Because I don’t want to see you as a nurse.
MATTHEW: Kelli, I don’t know what you want from me, but I can’t do that.
{KELLI is now sitting as close to MATTHEW as space would permit. KELLI places her hand on MATTHEW’s leg}
KELLI: I haven’t even said what I want to do yet, relax.
MATTHEW: I think I know-
KELLI: Do you have any board games?

The scene shifts back to RAUL and JOANNA. They are both lying on the bed with their arms around each other.

RAUL: She asked me about you.
JOANNA: And what did you say?
RAUL: That I used to see you all the time when you first died, but that as time went on I didn’t anymore.
{JOANNA sits up}
JOANNA: Why did you lie to her?
{RAUL stretches}
RAUL: She’s stressed out enough as it is, she doesn’t need to worry about my mental stability.
JOANNA: {strongly} You’re not crazy.
{RAUL sits up}
RAUL: {gently} No, of course I’m not. Seeing you is perfectly normal. And talking, and kissing, and-
JOANNA: Stop it.
{RAUL kisses her shoulders}
RAUL: I love you, I’ve never stopped.
JOANNA: This isn’t a question of love…you think you’re going crazy.
RAUL: No, no I don’t.
JOANNA: {coldly} Don’t lie to me Raul, I know you well enough to know when you are.
{a moment}
RAUL: I’ve thought about it, and I’ve done some talking to people. I came up with the same conclusion everywhere-it’s not normal. You’re too real.
{JOANNA stands up}
RAUL: No-I don’t want you to go anywhere.
JOANNA: I have to.
{RAUL stands up and hugs her around the shoulders}
RAUL: No you don’t. I decided long ago that I didn’t care if it wasn’t normal-
JOANNA: {coldly} But I do.
{JOANNA starts walking to the door. RAUL runs in front of the door}
RAUL: No, stay. It hasn’t even been an hour yet.
JOANNA: {gently} Move out of the way.
RAUL: {in gentle tears} No.
JOANNA: Raul it’s time for you to move on. It’s been 15 years. Now move.
{RAUL moves very slowly away from the door. JOANNA opens the door and goes through it, she does not close the door. RAUL slams the door, leans against it, sinks down and curls into a ball and cries}

The scene shifts once again to MATTHEW’S appartment. MATTHEW and KELLI are playing Monopoly and eating their dinner.

MATTHEW: Did I tell you that I hate this game?
KELLI: You’re only saying that because you owe me $500.
MATTHEW: And that’s not cause to hate the game?
{KELLI laughs}
KELLI: No, that’s not cause to hate the game.
MATTHEW: What would you do if I told you that I wasn’t going to pay.
KELLI: I would tell you that you were being a threat to the entire world of Monopoly and that you had to do it {an evil yet playful smile forms on KELLI’s face} or else.
MATTHEW: {playfuly} Ooh, I’m scared now.
{they laugh}
KELLI: Give me my money.
MATTHEW: Nope, sorry. You’re going to have to make me.
{KELLI stands up and runs along the sofa to where MATTHEW is sitting, but he has already gotten up, running in the opposite direction. After a moment or two KELLI reaches MATTHEW and tackles him down to the floor. Although at first playful, the mood quickly changes}
KELLI: Will you give me back my money now?
MATTHEW: Alright, but just because-
KELLI: I’m sick and you feel sorry for me?
MATTHEW: {sincerely} No, because you’re beautiful and I’m attracted to you.

The scene shifts to GAVIN’S party. He is standing at a bar with a drink in his hand talking to nobody. He looks sullen and worried, not at all drunk. His mind is on KELLI, and not on the party. GAVIN walks toward a man who turns out to be his client.

GAVIN: Hey man, look-I really got to get home, it’s been fun though. Great party.
CLIENT: Thanks man. You saved my ass.
GAVIN: All in a days work.
CLIENT: Take care.
GAVIN: You too.
{GAVIN grabs his coat quickly and walks out the door drink still in hand. He does not look where he’s going and bumps into SARAH spilling his drink all over her}
GAVIN: Oh, God I’m so sorry.
SARAH: {absentmindly} No, it’s no problem…the shirt will dry. {SARAH notices how attractice GAVIN is} And it’s black, so it won’t stain.
GAVIN: Glad to hear.
SARAH: So where’d you get that drink?
GAVIN: A party.
SARAH: It looked good.
GAVIN: I think it was pretty standard, nothing fancy about it. You could get it anywhere.
SARAH: Okay, so let’s go.
GAVIN: {confused} What?
SARAH: Let’s go to any bar and get me one of those.
GAVIN: I could just tell you what it was called.
SARAH: I have a bad memory.
GAVIN: Alright, then I’ll write down the name and give it to you.
SARAH: {coming closer to GAVIN} But I might lose it.
GAVIN: Look, you’re pretty, but I have a girlfriend.
{GAVIN begins to walk away}
SARAH: Well, I have a boyfriend…doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun.
{GAVIN turns to her}
GAVIN: Yeah-but when you love somebody, you tend not to want to cheat on them.
{GAVIN turns back and walks away}
SARAH: {yelling} How do you know she’s not out cheating on you?
GAVIN: {yelling back} I just know.
SARAH: {sadly and softly} Wish I knew.

The scene shifts back to MATTHEW’S apartment.

KELLI: What?
MATTHEW: Oh come on, like you don’t have feelings for me.
{KELLI sits up}
KELLI: Yeah, but you’re dating my sister.
MATTHEW: And you have a boyfriend. We’re no different.
{MATTHEW tries to pull KELLI back down to him, but she resists}
KELLI: When I called my boyfriend this morning, I tried to tell him that I was dying, but he wouldn’t listen. Instead he told me that he loved me.
{MATTHEW sits up}
MATTHEW: {softly} Oh. Sorry for-
KELLI: Only I couldn’t say it back. I did, but it wasn’t real. I don’t love him. Do you love my sister?
MATTHEW: {gently} No. She doesn’t love me either though. Look-
KELLI: And here you are, beautiful and caring…and you want me. He loves me, and you just want me.
MATTHEW: {matter of fact} You can’t help who you’re attracted to.
KELLI: Calm down.
{MATTHEW starts to move away and stand up}
MATTHEW: You lead me on for the entire night and then you tell me that you have a boyfriend who loves you…I’m not stupid, I get it. Or did you just not believe that I was straight? Was this all just a game for you to play?
KELLI: Please calm down. You keep interrupting me, I’m not done yet.
{MATTHEW sits down on the cough dejectidly}
MATTEW: I’m listening.
KELLI: I should be in love with my boyfriend, but I’m not. Instead I see-you.
{KELLI climbs to MATTHEW and stops right at the sofa}
KELLI: You can’t help who you’re attracted to, and I’m attracted to you. I don’t care about my boyfriend, and I don’t care about your girlfriend. I care about you and me.
MATTHEW: {softly, gently} So what do you want to do?
KELLI: I want you to kiss me.
{MATTHEW lowers himself to the floor and slowly pulls KELLI towards him. As they kiss a special comes up on both GAVIN, it is the same dim special}
GAVIN: It’s me again…calling to see how you are. But you’re not answering, again. Is everything alright? Do you need to me to come over? Right-you’re not home…look when you get this message could you call me back? I really want to talk to you…I met-I just need to talk to you.
{The special fades on GAVIN and rises on SARAH. Meanwhile, MATTHEW and KELLI are still kissing}
SARAH: Matthew-where the hell are you? {MATTHEW begins to take off KELLI’S shirt} It’s not like you to not pick up the phone when you’re obviously home. {KELLI takes off MATTHEW’S shirt} You said you’d call, and you didn’t…and I have something to tell you. {KELLI begins to unbutten MATTHEW’S pants} My sister is really pretty…she’s prettier then me. {MATTHEW and KELLI stand up and start making their way to the bedroom, still kissing} And I met a man tonight, and if he would have gone for it I would have slept with him tonight. I guess what I’m trying to say is…{MATTHEW turns off the light} it’s over. I’m sorry to have to tell you this way. {MATTHEW slams the door to the bedroom shut} Goodbye.

Lights fall. The curtain drops.

End of Act 1
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