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.RULES for Icons.

1. This is a community for my icons. Therefore, if you chose to take one, you must credit me. When you request to join, I'll check your icons to make sure that you credit those who made the icons. If once you've joined I catch you using one of my icons without credit, you'll recieve a warning. However, if I catch you doing it again I will ban you from the community. Hopefully though, none of that will need to happen.
3. Please comment if you take any icons. It makes me happy when people use my icons, so I like to know. And if you don't take an icon...I still don't mind comments!
4. If some of my icons suck, which is bound to happen, don't give me a hard time about it. If you must say it anything, then say it nicely...but do let me know, so that I can improve.
5. I make icons of what I like, however I will take requests at certain times. If you don't like what icons I'm making...well, that's kind of too bad. However, since most of you joining will probably be Broadway loving peeps, I don't think we're going to have any problems.
6. To join, simply click the button at top to join the community. If I check you out and nothing is wrong, you'll get an e-mail saying that you've been accepted. I don't do this because I want to be mean, but to insure that people don't abuse.

.RULES for Writings.
1. I am a person, and like all people I have insecurities. If I post something it's because I think it's good. If you think it's bad don't say, THAT SUCKS. Instead, say something constructive so that I can further my writing skills.
2. If you take anything from the story, please give credit where credit is due.
3. Although I mostly write poems, I'm trying to get into writing scripts, so a majority of styles will inhabit this journal.

.ICON teasers.
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.WRITING teasers.
A burden without compensation.
Emotions shrugged off for temporary whims.
The source of it all is found in one source-
A hallowed eye, incapable of anything bereft of sorrow.
Drawling all from one pair of eyes-
oh the hate tht can come from them.

Have fun!

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